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New To Me Authors in 2022

Hello! Today I wanted to do one of my favourite posts that I do every year and that is so discuss which authors were new to me in 2022!

I have done this twice before. Once in 2020, and once in 2021. I always like looking back and reflecting back on the year, and part of that means looking at the authors on my shelves and seeing who is new in the collection. I also like looking back on older years and seeing who I still read books from and who I just read the one book from that year. Like my post from last year, I will list the authors (and the books I read by them) and then I will talk a bit more about them!

New Authors:

The first thing that strikes me about this list is that I have read books by eighteen authors this entire year and ten of those are new authors to me! I think that is quite good going considering I have struggled in the past with reading from new authors. The majority of these authors, I would read again! Tiffany D. Jackson and Helly Acton are two authors that I am itching to read more from! White Smoke was one of my favourites from this year and next spooky season, I will definitely be picking up more of their books to read. The Shelf was also another one of my favourites from this year! It was one that caught my so off guard, and I had never read anything like it. I am really looking forward to see what else comes from the author!

Authors like Lex Croucher and Laura Jane Williams, I am unsure whether I will read from them again. Reputation was on my worst books of 2022 list – I just don’t think it was for me. I didn’t mesh with the character sand I didn’t really get on well with the story at all. Laura Jane Williams I am a little bit more torn on. I enjoyed The Lucky Escape, but I didn’t love it. I have seen a couple more of the authors works floating around and non of them have jumped out at me, so I will see with this one!

Like last year, I wanted to also check in on the 2020 edition of this post and the 2021 version of this post and I wanted to see which new authors from each I continued to read from!

In 2020:

  • Carrie Hope Fletcher (With This Kiss)
  • Beth O’Leary (The No-Show and reread The Flatshare)

I think it is fair to say that these authors are a kind of staple for me! Although, Carrie Hope Fletcher’s With This Kiss did make my worst books of 2022 list, which was quite unfortunate. However, Beth O’Leary still remains high up on my praise list and I think I will be reading from her for many years to come!

In 2021:

  • Taylor Jenkins Reid (Daisy Jones & the Six)
  • Julie Quinn (An Offer From a Gentleman, When He Was Wicked, It’s In His Kiss, On the Way to the Wedding)
  • Erin Sterling (The Ex Hex and The Kiss Curse)
  • Maggie Knox (All I Want For Christmas)

I find it so interesting looking back on the last couple of years and figuring out which ones have become staple authors for me! Beth O’Leary and Taylor Jenkins Reid in particular have become favourite authors of mine! I can’t wait to see what this list looks like next year and what changes between now and then.

How many new authors did you read in 2022?

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