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New to Me Authors

2020 was really the year for me to introduce myself to new authors and making strides at getting my physcial TBR down. I think I did pretty well this year at getting books off of my TBR that had been there for years! I still have a lot to go and I will be showing you my entire phyiscal TBR later on this month (very nervous about that one…) but we’re making progress! I found so many new authors this year and I am excited to talk about them!

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Jenny Han

In January, I read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. They were such a quick read. I read each one of the books in a day – I believe I actually read them the first three days of the year. It was such a great book series and I am so glad that I finally got them off my TBR! I just need to watch the films now – I’ve watched the first one, but not the second and then I think the third is coming early 2021.

You can purchase the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before box set: here

Christina Lauren

I had actually hoped to get to some more of Christina Lauren’s novels this year, however I only managed to get to Autoboyography. I really enjoyed Autoboyography and I also enjoyed the author duo’s writing style. They write a lot of adult romance novels, so in the future I plan on getting to some of them. I’ve been recommended a few and can’t wait to start getting to them.

You can purchase Autoboyography: here

Neal Shusterman

I read Scythe and Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman this year. I still need to read the final installment in the series The Toll. I’m probably going to have to reread the first two books now before I read the third book. It’s been so long now, I’ve forgotten a lot about the story and I don’t think I would be able to enjoy The Toll as much as if I read it right after finishing the second book. I’m not familiar with any of Neal Shusterman’s other novels; so if you have any recommendations they are greatly appreciated!

You can purchase Scythe: here

Carrie Hope Fletcher

I have mentioned Carrie Hope Fletcher so many times this year, but she is becoming one of my favourite authors. I read When the Curtain Falls (review here) back in May and haven’t looked back since. I think this book has a special place in my heart because it was the first book that I was able to read in a physical format, and in one sitting, in a very long time. I had been having trouble focusing on pages and had to turn to audiobooks to keep reading. It was such a great experience reading a book physically after such a long time. On top of a personal victory though, I love her style of writing and I loved the story too. I have also read All That She Can See and I’m making my way through In The Time We Lost – I keep getting distracted from this one but it’s nothing to do with the story itself!

You can purchase When the Curtain Falls: here

Holly Bourne

I picked up It Only Happens in the Movies (review here) by Holly Bourne also in May. I had had it on my shelves for so long, probably a couple of years, but I had just never gotten around to actually reading it. I really enjoyed it, but Holly Bourne has so many books that I am having trouble with choosing what my next read by her should be! I’ve heard so many good things about so many of her books that I don’t know where to start.

You can purchase It Only Happens in the Movies: here

Anna-Marie McLemore

After so long of picking up Wild Beauty and putting it down, I finally read it! It was such a beautiful story, just as everyone told me it would be. I’ve heard that her other novels are just as beautiful and I really want to read another one of her books soon. I’ve not been in too much of a fantasy mood lately, but after my rereads of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas, I think I’m finally getting back in the mood for them! I hope I am at least. I always used to be more of a fantasy reader, but lately they’ve just been a bit too overwhelming. I think When the Moon was Ours will be my next McLemore read though!

Beth O’Leary

In June, I finally succumbed to Instagram pressure and read The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary. I was seeing this book everywhere, and for good reason too! It was amazing. I’ve talked previously about how much I loved it and how I really want to read The Switch, but for whatever reason, I’m waiting until spring time to read it. Her third book The Road Trip is coming out in 2021 and I can’t wait!

You can purchase The Flatshare: here

Brandy Colbert

After a bit of a reading slump earlier in the year, in September I read Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert. It was such a brilliant reads navigating things such as having a brother with bipolar or a mixed race household, and a blended family. It was such a heartwarming read that still made me think about it long after I read it.

You can purchase Little & Lion: here

Melissa de la Cruz

Finally, we have Melissa de la Cruz – I read the first installment in the Alex and Eliza trilogy. I still need to read the other two and I’m really excited to get to them! Just, haven’t found the time or other books have just beaten them! In 2021 though, I am going to get to them!

You can purchase Alex and Eliza: here

That’s everything! What authors were new to you this year?


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14 thoughts on “New to Me Authors

      1. My favorite series of this year was Shades of Magic- V.E. Shcwab

        Don’t know if Howard Schultz will write another book- he wrote Pour Your Heart Into It. I almost want a part II- want to know what came next. Still loved that book

        Well- I love like all the books in A Christmas Treasury. Don’t remember some of the authors’ names.


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