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Favourite Book Covers of 2022

Hello! Welcome back to another day of blogmas!

It is no secret that I love book covers. I am definitely somebody that judges a book by its cover and part of what I love doing every year is reflecting back on some of my favourite book covers of the year. I did this is 2020 and again in 2021 and now of course I needed to do a 2022 edition. So many pretty and incredible books have joined my collection this year, so let’s get into the covers!

House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J Maas

I don’t think I could start this list off with anything other than this book! This series book covers have truly blown all of the other books by Sarah J Maas out of the water!

The Dragon’s Promise by Elizabeth Lim

I didn’t think a book could get any prettier than the first book in the series, but this sequel definitely came through and gets all of the heart eyes!

Electra by Jennifer Saint

This cover is so pretty! I think the Greek mythology novels always get pretty covers and this one is definitely no different.

Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn

I love how bright and colourful fantasy young adult books have been in recent years, it is something so refreshing. They all used to be so dark and gloomy.

Pandora by Susan Stokes-Chapman

This cover is so dark and stunning. Normally, I don’t particularly go for darker covers, but there is something about the green and the deep blues and the gold that look so lovely to me!

Gallant by V.E. Schwab

I got the sprayed cover edition of this one, and I know it caused some controversy because the design on it is quite wonky. Luckily, I didn’t fare too bad, there is a dark line in the centre of the pages, but it is still such a beautiful book!

Anastasia by Sophie Lark

This is the only book on this list that I don’t own, but it is still worth a mention. I love the story of Anastasia, so I definitely will be picking this one up soon.

Let me know what book covers you loved the most this year!

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