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Writing Update #8: Changing Course

Hello! I took a little bit of an unexpected blogging break for a couple of weeks. Before I give you a writing update, I’m going to give you a little life update and tell you where I’ve been whilst I’ve been away from blogging.

I some holiday to use up for work. My parents are currently staying in Suffolk, so I went to see them for a couple of days. Of course the only photos I got whilst I was staying there were of my dog. We go to the same area very regularly, and have done since I was a child, so it was really nice to be back there and to just relax for a few days.

After my trip to Suffolk, I had a days rest before my sisters and I took a trip to Edinburgh. I had never been to Scotland before, and I was blown away by the beauty of the country, especially Edinburgh. A long weekend is definitely not long enough to do everything that I wanted to do and I can’t wait to go back. The apartment that we stayed in was a book lovers dream! There was a huge bookshelf in one of the bedrooms, which I quickly claimed, and another huge one in the living room. It was such a wonderful place to stay.

I’ve been back for just over a week now, and during that week I have been thinking a lot about my future. I’m not ready to share too much yet, but I am excited for what is to come. One of those changes has had me focusing on poetry a lot.

If anyone has followed me since the beginning, I have been writing poetry a lot on her than I have been writing fiction. My first post when I first started blogging seriously, was actually a poem of mine: Home is a Confusing. I go back and forth with writing poetry seriously, but I am always jotting down a few lines in the notes of my phone and then I tend to return to them later and make a poem out of them.

Recently, I have been going through old notebooks, and either working on making old ones better or just writing new ones based no the feelings I get from reading my old poetry. Over the last week and a half, I have written 20 new poems which is more than I have written in such a short space of time since University! I am also so proud of them and especially looking back at my older ones, I can see how much I have improved.

For now, my inspiration is with my poetry, so I am putting my fiction to the side and focusing on poetry for the time being. A future endeavour that is coming up requires me to put together a portfolio of 10-15 poems, so it works out that I really want to write poetry!

I don’t really have much else to add this week, so just a short update. So even though I am not writing fiction at the moment, I am still writing!

Fellow writers, let me know how you are progressing right now!

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10 thoughts on “Writing Update #8: Changing Course

      1. I actually have two fantasy WIPS- obviously you have Tale of the Cattail Forest

        Than, there is my expansive world idea. All I know is that my main character’s name is Ayra and what part of the world looks like. For some reason, I keep on visualizing Ayra (pronounced *eye-ra*) as a warrior-type character.

        I keep on thinking her world is where the origins of the Fairy Frogs came from- it is a mountainous island (the top part of it has two mountain ranges- one is snowy and the rather rocky), but the middle of the island has the biggest mountains and next door is some type of enchanted forest


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