Home is a Confusing Place


I’ve been feeling like it is time for me to start sharing some of my poetry online.

I wrote this one as part of my university project in my second year. I was feeling a little home sick being 170 miles away from home. I have edited it slightly since submitting it two years ago to suit more my style now and I am really happy with it. Hopefully sharing this piece will give me the confidence in the future to share more of my work.


Home is a Confusing Place

turn ignition     just start going

the south          only thing on my mind


tyres spin

something solid

need to feel something solid

music vibrating through the car

I can’t hear it

anything but

but the but the voices

push on the accelerator

get me home

take me home


calls from south become a     soft

echo beneath   music

they’re losing strength

the north’s hand finds

its way to my neck

every time

their voices louder

don’t leave don’t leave don’t go

too many strings

you formed too many knots

the car slows

my breathing doesn’t

his arms open for me

I settle here

too many ties



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