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Writing Update #6: Rewrite Drama and Mini Reading Update

Hello! I am back again with another writing update. And I can’t lie to you – I am struggling.

I have returned to my Rapunzel retelling and begun the rewrite for it. I am not doing great.

Progress is slow.

I drafted the first draft in just 67 days, so I went into the rewrite thinking I would get back to writing thousands of words a day. That has not happened. I know that when I was drafting the story, we were in lockdown and I was on furlough, so I didn’t have any work commitments, I wasn’t socialising with my friends, so it was really easy to focus on writing. Now though, I am socialising a lot more, and back to work where the workload is increasing. This obviously means I have less time for writing.

That being said, it is really hard not to put the same pressure on myself. I focus too much on how much work I’m not getting done instead of celebrating the milestones I am hitting. I am constantly getting down that I am only managing a few hundred words each session before I become too tired to continue.

A lot of my issues is getting caught up in the numbers and putting too much pressure on myself to write more than I actually am. When I was at university, when it came to submitting my creative pieces, editing was always my strong point. I sucked at the drafting process – I underwrite a lot, so the majority of my editing process consisted of cutting and rewriting, then cutting, etc.

I don’t know whether it’s because my book is a much longer piece or what, but I am getting very overwhelmed by the editing process this time around. And I am barely editing, more rewriting. While I still underwrote the story, the manuscript came to just over 80,000 words. When I first started rewriting, I rewrote the first 300 words and that became 1,800 words. Because of how much the story had changed and developed from just 300 words, I became so overwhelmed by the thought of 80,000 growing as much as the first 300. I didn’t know what the final word count for this draft will be.

I have since calmed down about that element now. It did set me back a few weeks, however. I just had to remind myself that the majority of the first draft is going to be cut. That will leave me room to really explore the themes and the plots that are going to be new in this rewrite. I think I am going to aim for 100,000 words for this draft.

Last week, I found my inspiration and motivation out of nowhere. I don’t know whether it was because of the sun or because my co-worker gave me the kick I needed to properly get started, but I sat in the garden and wrote. It wasn’t the huge wordcount that I was used to achieving every day, but it was still a good 700 words in the morning before having to attend work in the evening. I fell into a groove. I wrote. I worked. I socialised. Everything was fine.

Until my laptop decided everything was not fine.

The day before I had finally hit 8,000 words. It was a great achievement and a reminder to myself that I was making progress. However on this particular Tuesday, my laptop decided to set me back a little. When I opened up word, I got a notification along the lines of ‘the last time you opened this document it caused a serious issue.’

I immediately panicked. I had not yet backed up the rewrite document because I was so early on in the drafting process. I thought I was going to lose it all. I thought that these 8,000 words that had taken me so much longer than probably any other 8,000 words, was going to be lost. Eventually I had to continue with opening it.

When I opened the document, it somehow unsaved and thankfully, luckily, I only lost 150 words. I don’t know what 150 words as the last 150 words were still there. Random words throughout the manuscript were deleted. But that is okay, I can sort that at a later date. So, after many, many tears, and a distraction break, I sat back down and wrote another 400 words.

THE NEXT DAY I went back to the document and none of what I had done the day before had been saved.

There were more tears and more needed distraction breaks, then more words. So in three days, I hit 8,000 words three times. Luckily, halfway through my writing session, I found a randomly saved document that had the progress from the day before in it.

It was a rollercoaster of a few days, and honestly since, I have barely written anything. I took a few days off writing, and I am currently sitting at 9.4k. I am hoping to hit 10k very soon.


One plus to all of this is that I have at least been sat out in the garden enjoyinng the sun with the cutest companion who was completely unbothered about the amount of tears and was more interested in his ice lolly toy.

My goals before I update the blog next are to establish more of a writing routine. I also need to get back into reading! Ever since coming out of lockdown, I have lost the ability to multitask my hobbies with regular life. Hopefully, I can start listening to audiobooks again on commutes or whilst playing games and get back on track.

I am behind on wrap ups – and just about everything else on the blog. I promise you I haven’t abandoned the blog or forgotten about it. I’ll be back soon!

I am currently 11 books behind schedule according to Goodreads. I am aiming for 100 books this year, so I need to get myself into gear soon if I want to achieve this. I’ve read 33 so far, which is surprising to me, because I thought I checked last week and had read 27? Oh well! Not as bad as I thought, but still not on track.

I haven’t finished a book since April. I don’t know whether it is too late to post my April wrap up now? Let me know if you still would like it, if not I will just include it in with June.  I still managed to read quite a few in April considering I stopped reading after the second week!

That is all for this update then. I should really get back to writing! Thank-you for reading this far into this incoherent post and sticking with me whilst I have an incredibly irregular posting schedule.

Let me know how you’re writing has been going, or if you’re not a writer and have read this far into the post (thank-you) let me know what you’re currently reading! I am currently listening to the audiobook for House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas. I was hoping a reread would get me back into reading, but so far it is taking me forever to get through this huge book!

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6 thoughts on “Writing Update #6: Rewrite Drama and Mini Reading Update

  1. My first WIP- hardest draft yet (6th). Didn’t lose anything (save the book as I continue), and save the previous drafts

    Currently reading- Titan’s Curse (almost finished). Will be finished either today or tomorrow- then will continue the series

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I always save it – my computer just decided to delete it😩 I need to get in the habit of saving it in multiple places! I wish you well with draft 6!


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