Top 5 Tuesday

Things I’m Enjoying While in Isolation

Today I have another Top 5 Tuesdays; hosted by Bionic Book Worm. The topics for April are focusing around positivity and distracting topics. This week we are focusing on five things to enjoy while in isolation – or distractions to keep sane!


I have been trying to get a more regular workout routine going again, and isolation has been the perfect opportunity for this. I feel so much better since I started working out properly again and I feel like I’m clearing my mind out. It’s particularly helping me get through my anxious thoughts during this time.


Journaling was already part of my life, however I have been trying to journal every night or every other night. In part to clear out the negativity from my mind and get it down on the paper. I find it easier to work through the chaos of my thoughts by chucking them in a journal where they don’t need to make sense to anyone, including myself. I’ve also been trying to keep a journal as my way of documenting what is happening in this period. It is such an uncertain time for every one right now, and when it all clears up my journal will serve as a reminder to myself what happened.

Board Games

I love playing board games, but my family is very busy all the time and it is very rare all of us are home at the same time. Isolation has ensured that this is more of an occurance now, and to help with the boredom we’ve turned to playing board games. I think my favourite one is Monopoly: Ultimate Banking. It’s a much quicker version of the game and we get through about 4 or 5 games a night.

My Dog

Honestly, my dog has been keeping me sane throughout all of this. Playing with him and giving him lots of cuddles has been a great distraction from everything that has been going on. It helps that he is also super cute.


Social Media

I’m really grateful for social media right now. Without it, I think I would get in my head a lot more. Social media is keeping me grounded and more level headed. It is reminding me that I’m not alone in this and I am not isolating for no reason. It has also provided a lot of entertainment for me and my family – TikTok in particular has been something we have all laughed at and my sister even started making some videos which were also hilarious.

I hope everyone is keeping safe during this time. What are you doing to keep yourself sane during isolation?


9 thoughts on “Things I’m Enjoying While in Isolation

  1. AHHHH! Your dog is gorgeous! I wouldn’t know what to do without my dog right now. I lent her to my parents for a few days so they could have something to snuggle. I missed her terribly but she brought my parents much needed love since I can’t hug them right now!

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  2. Your dog is so precious! We have three cats and have been enjoying getting extra time with them. They may be starting to get annoyed with us, though.

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  3. Your dog is a very handsome boy. My girls and I love playing Cluedo – we all have our favourite characters (I’m always Plum) but strangely I always seem to be the murderer! They tease me chanting “Murdering Mummy, Murdering Mummy” over and over again. Lol! Love ’em.

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