Review: Dear Girl

I was kindly provided with an e-arc of this book via NetGalley.

dear girl

Goodreads Definition:

From a celebrated activist and spoken-word performer comes a debut poetry collection that takes readers on an empowering, lyrical journey through being a woman in today’s society, exploring issues like suicide, sexual assault, self-image, and healing.

Aija Mayrock published her first book, The Survival Guide to Bullying, at just sixteen. A fierce advocate for women, girls, and all youth, Mayrock performs spoken word poetry as part of her activism work and has performed live to an estimated four million people. Dear Girl, her powerful debut poetry collection, includes some of her viral spoken word poems like “Dear Girl,” “Dear Sisters,” and “The Truth About Being a Girl,” as well as many never-before-published pieces. Aija’s poetry—fierce, conversational, inspirational—speaks to the pain and the beauty of being a woman in our society today. Dear Girl is a love letter to all women, amplifying Aija’s message of understanding, empowerment, and support.

This debut poetry collection did not disappoint. It had my feminist blood boiling as she wrote about what women are faced with everyday. I really connected with her words, and it was like my thoughts and feelings had been taken and she had written them into her book.

Mayrock speaks to various people through the collection: ‘Dear Girl’, ‘Dear Child’, ‘Dear Brother’, ‘Dear First Love’, ‘Dear Sister’ and more. She explores the relationship of those she is addressing and feminism and how they can help or how they have been affected.


‘Dear Girl:

grow wiser, grow deeper



It is such a motivating read and also such an important one. Mayrock takles problems such as self-worth where she discusses how quite often people value themselves based on how the other person in their relationship treats them. She discusses how boys should be taught about sexual assault and harrassment to stop this from happening. She also addresses people struggling with their sexuality, urging them to love who they love without shame or guilt. Mayrock addresses all of this, and more, in a poetic and respectful way whilst also delivering each line with a memorable punch.5 star


I was so impressed by this collection. I reccommend this to anyone and everyone.

I give this 5/5 stars.

It is due to come out 7th April, make sure to pick it up once its been published!


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