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Writing Update #5: Outlining

Hello! I have another writing update for you today! After my last writing update (which you can read here), I fell off of the writing wagon a little bit. As I have mentioned before, I returned back to work after the lockdown in the UK lifted and allowed non-essential retail to reopen. I had begun… Continue reading Writing Update #5: Outlining

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Writing Update #4: Early Starts

Hello! I know I have been terrible with blogging last week, but I am going to still try and keep up with these writing updates. Like last week, it is a little late and I am sorry about that, but I have had a little bit of a hectic week. Lockdown in England finally lifted… Continue reading Writing Update #4: Early Starts

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Writing Update #3: Abandoning Projects

Hello! This week – or last weeks – writing update is coming at you a little bit late, sorry about that. I have had a bit of an up and down, confusing week. As the majority of you know, April is one of the months for Camp NaNoWriMo. I started this month with a project… Continue reading Writing Update #3: Abandoning Projects

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Writing Update #2: Unexpected Progress

Happy Easter! I am back today with another writing update! Remember last week’s writing update when I rambled on for far too long about being in a bit of static place with my Rapunzel retelling and how I wasn’t sure I would be able to meet my deadline of 12th April… Well, I finished the… Continue reading Writing Update #2: Unexpected Progress