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March 2022 Wrap Up

Hello! Long-time no see! No, you have not suddenly travelled back in time to March. And no, I have not made a typo! I have been taking a little bit of a break from blogging (and reading and writing if I am being completely honest). I know I have said that a lot this year,… Continue reading March 2022 Wrap Up

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Writing Goals for 2022

Hello! Today I wanted to talk about my writing resolutions for 2022. I had originally had a huge, long post that spoke about all of my writing, reading and blogging goals for 2022. However, that post ended up being a ridiculously long post, so I asked on Twitter whether I should separate the post into… Continue reading Writing Goals for 2022

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Writing Update #9: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hello! I have another writing update for you today. I got so many new followers this week, so thank-you and welcome! If you’re new here, I post writing updates as well as bookish content. The writing updates started as a way for me to hold myself accountable and to keep writing. This has both worked… Continue reading Writing Update #9: Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Writing Update #6: Rewrite Drama and Mini Reading Update

Hello! I am back again with another writing update. And I can’t lie to you – I am struggling. I have returned to my Rapunzel retelling and begun the rewrite for it. I am not doing great. Progress is slow. I drafted the first draft in just 67 days, so I went into the rewrite… Continue reading Writing Update #6: Rewrite Drama and Mini Reading Update

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Writing Update #2: Unexpected Progress

Happy Easter! I am back today with another writing update! Remember last week’s writing update when I rambled on for far too long about being in a bit of static place with my Rapunzel retelling and how I wasn’t sure I would be able to meet my deadline of 12th April… Well, I finished the… Continue reading Writing Update #2: Unexpected Progress