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February 2022 Wrap Up

Hello! Today I have my February Wrap Up. February was still not a great reading or blogging month for me. However, I was reading a lot more during this month, but I am just reading very, very slowly. I am finding it harder and harder to sit and focus on a book these days, in… Continue reading February 2022 Wrap Up

WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday

Hello! Today I wanted to do another WWW Wednesday - the first one of 2022! I currently have a bunch of posts in the drafting stage, and the one that I thought would be ready to go isn't quite reading yet. So, I thought I would quickly put together a WWW Wednesday and let you… Continue reading WWW Wednesday

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Writing Update #6: Rewrite Drama and Mini Reading Update

Hello! I am back again with another writing update. And I can’t lie to you – I am struggling. I have returned to my Rapunzel retelling and begun the rewrite for it. I am not doing great. Progress is slow. I drafted the first draft in just 67 days, so I went into the rewrite… Continue reading Writing Update #6: Rewrite Drama and Mini Reading Update