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Horrible Histories Book Tag

Hello! Today I am doing the Horrible Histories Book Tag that I saw on Bookworm Blogger Web months and months ago, and it has been saved in my drafts since at least October 2021. As a kid, I was a huge fan of this show, so this one is an exciting one for me! I… Continue reading Horrible Histories Book Tag

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Three Bookish Things Book Tag

Hello! To ease myself back into blogging after a month (and a bit) long break, I thought I would do a book tag. Luckily for me, I am a little bit of a book tag hoarder in my drafts, so I didn't have to go searching far and wide. I saw this book tag a… Continue reading Three Bookish Things Book Tag

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My Favourite Blog Posts of 2021

Hello! I have been feeling a bit down on myself recently. As the end of the year draws closer and closer, I seem to be getting harder on myself. There are some things that I wanted to achieve this year, but didn’t. I achieved some great things this year, however the things I didn’t achieve… Continue reading My Favourite Blog Posts of 2021