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Five Star Predictions

Hello! If you have been here for a while, you may recall how ridiculous my TBR is. I have so many books on it - it’s in the hundreds. I have seen so many bloggers recently talk about their five star predictions, so I thought I would go over some of the books that are… Continue reading Five Star Predictions

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Halloween Creatures Book Tag

Hello! First of all, I’m really sorry that I disappeared for a week. Work has been a little bit hectic lately and I have ran out of scheduled/emergency posts! I am hoping to catch up on everything properly early next week, but just bare with me if posts get a little bit spotty for a… Continue reading Halloween Creatures Book Tag

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Top Ten Amazing Books I Read in One Sitting

Hello! Today I was originally planning to do another Top Five Tuesday (hosted by Meeghan Reads) where the topic for this week is Top 5 sequels you would sell your soul for - however when it came to writing it, I just couldn't think of any. I thought maybe I could put The Road Trip… Continue reading Top Ten Amazing Books I Read in One Sitting

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Writing Update #10: Reaching the End of Act One

Hello! Today I have another writing update! This is going to be a stats heavy post, so buckle in. If you are caught up on my writing journey (if not, you can catch up: here), you might remember that I have been having a rough time getting back into this rewrite. To give a bit… Continue reading Writing Update #10: Reaching the End of Act One