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5 Star Predictions: Christmas Version

Hello – welcome back to another day of blogmas!

In September, I posted a post that discussed what books on my TBR I thought were going to be five stars (see post: here). I thought it would be a fun to do a Christmas/festive version and discuss what books on my Christmas TBR I think are going to be 5 stars! I have a lot of goals to get my Christmas tbr down, and I also have some really high expectations for the Christmas books this season. So let’s get into it!

All I Want for Christmas by Maggie Knox

After reading The Holiday Swap last year, I have high hopes and expectations for Maggie Knox’s second Christmas book. This does make me nervous a little bit – am I going in expecting a little bit too much? But I really loved Knox’s writing style and the synopsis of this new book sounds great too. The novel follows Sadie and Max as they are selected to be contestants on a reality singing show Starmaker. Events lead to them starting a fake relationship. I haven’t read many novels, maybe even just the one, with the fake dating trope, but this also seems to have enemies to lovers mixed up in there too so I am really interested to see how this one goes!

Just Like Magic by Sarah Hoyle

This one sort of reminds me of a ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ retelling, and that alone makes me really intrigued to read it. I feel like it could go one of two ways, either I love it and it is five stars, or I go in with too higher expectations. I am really hoping it is the first one, but I am really scared that it could be the latter. Let me know if you have read this one!

The Christmas Clash by Suzanne Perk

There is something about rival businesses that I really love. I loved it in The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling and I loved it in Tweet Cute by Emma Lord, so I am really hoping that I will love it in The Christmas Clash too! It seems like a really adorable, quick Christmas read and I am really excited to read this one soon!

The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss

Twelve dates with twelve different men sounds chaotic and like a lot of work, but there is something so intriguing about it that I cannot wait to dive into. This book also includes baking and a neighbourhood café, and these kind of books always seem to work for me. I don’t know what it is, but I love reading about baking and cafes. Sprinkle in Christmas and a chaotic love life, and you have yourself an ideal book to read.

A Cat Cafe Christmas by Codi Gary

Another perfect recipe for any book is animals and cafes! I love reading about pets in novels. I have always been surrounded by animals, at the moment I have to giant dogs who are extremely cheeky and cuddly. So having a book with an animal in the name sounds right up my street. This one is about a struggling café that is trying to get out of the red and get back on track, and it just sounds like a brilliant read.

The Christmas Murder Game by Alexandra Benedict

This one is a little out of my comfort zone. It seems like the main character is forced into a game in order to win the deeds of the grand family house, but to also solve her mother’s murder. It seems very wild, and like I said: out of my comfort zone. However, I think that I might really enjoy it because it is so different to what I normally read. I will definitely be giving it a go!

Let me know if you have read any of these books and whether they are five star reads for you!

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2 thoughts on “5 Star Predictions: Christmas Version

  1. Im currently reading the christmas murder game! Nothing happened yet, i’m just at the start, but it gives me a « death of mrs westaway » feel from Ruth Ware. Despite ofcourse lots of differences, but ilike it!

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