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Wintery Drinks Bookish Tag

Hello and welcome to another day of blogmas! Today I wanted to do a Winter themed book tag and the Wintery Drinks Bookish tag led into that perfectly! I came across this one on A Storm of Pages, who did it as part of Bookmas last year! I feel like I have done all of the Christmasy book tags, as this is my third year doing blogmas, so if you have any bookish Christmas-themed book tags, then send them my way! For now, lets get into the Wintery Drinks Bookish Tag!

Hot Chocolate – A Book That’s Sweet Through and Through

I feel like I don’t talk about this book very much, but You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson! I read this book way back in October 2020 and I really, really loved it. It was such a cute young-adult, Sapphic romance that focuses around the race for prom queen. It was truly a great novel!

Peppermint Mocha – A Book With a Lot of Strong Emotions

The first book that came to mind with this one was Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas, because that series finale was such an emotional roller-coaster! However, with more thought, I think I would put Lovely War by Julie Berry as this one! I read this in March 2021 and it is not an exaggeration when I say I have not stopped thinking about that book ever since. It is a story that tells two love stories during World War 1 & 2, but from the perspectives of a Greek Goddess and Greek Gods. It is a phenomenal novel, and unlike anything I have ever read.

Apple Cider – A Book Full of Character With Questionable Morals

I am not sure if this novel was full of characters, but the main character for sure had questionable morals, and that is Birdy from The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent. This novel follows Birdy who is a bit lost in life. Her best friend Heather seemingly has everything together and even gets offered a summer job up in Scotland, but she doesn’t take it. However, Birdy does. Birdy is not qualified for the job, and she decides to keep it a secret and convince everyone that she is Heather. It is a wild concept, but a brilliant read.

Eggnog – A Book That’s Mostly Fun, With a Hint of Danger

I feel like this one had more than just a little hint of danger, but Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron was both fun and dangerous. It was a very unique twist on the Cinderella story, and was set 200 years after Cinderella. This retelling also has a sapphic romance, which I feel is quite rare in retellings. It is fun because it is such a fresh take on the classic story and the girls in the story felt so real and concrete, that I was rooting for them every step of the way as they vowed to take down the king!

Gingerbread Latte – A Book With a Lot of Action

House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J Maas is definitely a book with a lot of action. So much happens within that book. All of the characters are so far away from where they were when the book started and it is a wild journey from start to finish. I think it is the book with the most action that I have read so far!

That is all for today! Let me know down below if you are enjoying blogmas so far and if there is anything that you want to see this blogmas!

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