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May 2022 Wrap Up

Hello! I am once again playing catch up after coming back to blogging after a little while. Things in my life have been a little hectic. I started a new job, and the transition from my old job to my new took up a lot more of my time than I had initially expected! However, now that I am settling I feel like I am in a position where I can prioritise the blog again. But, in order to fully update you on where I am now, I am going to have to backtrack a little bit… all the way to May!

I am not sure if any of my wrap ups so far this year have come on time, but regardless, there still has been a post for every month! As you may know if you have kept up with my April, March, February or January Wrap Ups, I am having a TERRIBLE reading year so far. This very much continued into May where I read a whopping zero books. Normally, I would move onto what blog posts I posted during the month. However, I didn’t post any of those either!

In fact, May was a quiet month all around.

Let us swiftly move on to the writing portion. Like February, poetry was a focus in May for me. May wasn’t a great writing month for me either, though. Many factors play into why May was such an unproductive month for me when it comes to reading, blogging and writing and the main one was my previous job was in a hectic state, and I was socialising more than normal. There was just no time. And I had no balance.

May 2022 Writing Tracker

In total, I wrote 36 poems that added up to 1,874 words. I am happy with the poems that I wrote during May. I think a lot of them have the potential to be reworked and become very strong pieces of poetry. I didn’t work on either of my Rapunzel projects nor my Mermaid project.

So, although May was not a very productive month for me in regards to reading, blogging or writing, it was the month that made me realise that this can no longer continue. I have a goal – in particular with my writing. And how can I reach my goals of becoming a full time author, if I am not writing? I cannot. May was when I started to realise that this year is getting away from me, and I need to start working on it.

I know this was probably the shortest wrap up that I have ever done, but I still wanted to include it! There was some updates for my writing that I still wanted to include, and my June Wrap Up is going to be a little longer so I didn’t want to combine them. Hopefully I will have my June Wrap Up posted soon, and then hopefully I can continue blogging. Last year, my blog was a tool for me to hold myself accountable when it came to reading, but most importantly writing, and that is something that I would really like to continue during the second half of the year!

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6 thoughts on “May 2022 Wrap Up

  1. jdshjsadhgsadhg HII AND WELCOME BACK TO BLOGGING!!! and omg CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW JOB!!! i’m sorry the past few months haven’t been the best for you BUT AM HOPING THE REST OF THE YEAR SHALL BE THE BEST EVER AND MAKE UP FOR IT!! so excited for your future posts ❤❤

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