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Blogging Goals for 2022

Hello! Yesterday, I spoke about my writing goals for 2022, and as promised, today I am talking about some more of my goals for 2022 and this time it is my blogging goals. I don’t have as many blogging goals. I sometimes get really down and overwhelmed my numbers. Whenever my views are down, I will get caught up on it or if I think a post will perform really well, but it doesn’t, I get upset. So, first off one of my goals is to try and not care too much about numbers. And two, to only try to focus my goals around aspects I can control. Which is my content and what I am putting out and how often. On that note, let’s get into my goals.

Have a consistent posting schedule

I briefly got into one in September and October and I loved it so much. I found it creatively fulfilling and manageable. I felt like it was the perfect balance of always having content posted, but also there was room for if I wanted to add an extra post or two that month. I liked having my posts planned ahead, and this also gave me a little wiggle room – if I didn’t quite have a post ready to go up, 9 times out of 10, there was a post ready to take its place. I would really love to get back into this rhythm and structure. I think it was so beneficial for me and my blog.

Be more active in the bookish community

I quite often feel on the outside of the community. I post quite a bit and I interact a lot with other blogs, but sometimes I feel like I am just on the outside. So, I want to start reaching out to more people, and meeting new people and feeling more apart of the community that I love and care for. I would also love to do at least one buddy read this year. I have never done a buddy read and the thought of reaching out to someone and asking if they want to do a buddy read is very intimidating to me. But I love the idea of reading something and then discussing it with someone in real time. Also, as part of this, I would love to interact in more book clubs. I started doing this thing in 2021 (that is rather silly) where I would see people on YouTube or TikTok where they would host a book club. I would join the Discord; I would read the book; I would watch the vlogs about them reading the book; and then I would watch the live stream where they would discuss the book. But I never interacted. So, in 2022, I want to interact more and let people know that I am there, I am an active participant and that I am actually in the community – I am just a book lover with social anxiety.

Post more reviews

2021 was my biggest year for reviews, but it was still not as many as I want there to be, so I really want to try getting up more reviews, or thoughts on the books that I am reading. In 2021, I started doing some Discussion posts and The Reread Diaries, where I basically share my incoherent thoughts on the books that I am reading, so I would really love to post more of them. I really enjoy writing them and reading the books in preparation for them, and I think they are quite well received. To sum it up, I want to share my thoughts on the books that I am reading that isn’t always just in my Wrap Up posts. As much as I love doing the wrap up posts, I quite often feel like I miss a lot of my thoughts out of them.

So not too many! I think these are some achievable goals! I can definitely work on these all year round. Let me know some of your blogging goals for 2022.

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17 thoughts on “Blogging Goals for 2022

  1. Being more active in the community is a goal of mine for this year as well at least to the extent that I want to work on commenting more. I am so bad at commenting because I just don’t know what to say so I end up just liking and sharing the post. I love buddy reading. Anytime you want to do a buddy read you can always ask me if you want too. I am always up for buddy reading.

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