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Book Series I Finished in 2021

Hello! Today I am going to be talking about the book series that I finished in 2021! It is actually going to be quite a short post, because it turns out I did not finish as many as I initially thought. However, tomorrow I am going to be talking about all of the series that I started in 2021 so check that out tomorrow!

On the list today, though, it is book series I finished this year. This does not count the book series that I reread this year otherwise The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas would also be on this list. But I wanted to keep this to book series I completed this year!

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

And kicking off this post (and the year of 2021) I finished Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. I read almost this whole series in January 2021 – I was so close, but didn’t manage to finish Kingdom of Ash until February. If you have followed me since then, you may remember how I hated the Throne of Glass series for so long. I couldn’t understand the hype. I read the first three and a half books a few years ago, didn’t like them and actually got rid of my copies. But, this year I decided to try again and I still struggled with the first couple of books but after that I loved the series so much. I think because I am used to Maas’ more mature writing style, reading her debut novel was a struggle. But I am so glad that I finally read this series. I have a Discussion Post up for a few of the novels (I never did finish writing my posts up for the later books, woops), so if you want my full thoughts you can read them here:

Throne of Glass ~ Crown of Midnight ~ The Assassin’s Blade ~ Heir of Fire

The Brown Sisters Trilogy by Talia Hibbert

This is the only book series that I started and finished in 2021! And on top of that Talia Hibbert was a new author to me. I just could not put this series down and absolutely devoured it back in July and I know for certain that I read the last book (Act Your Age, Eve Brown) in one sitting and I am sure the others I did too. But it was such a great time, sitting out in the garden and reading. I love Talia Hibbert’s writing style and it is the perfect escapism. I can’t wait to read more from her in 2022.

The Wayward Children by Seanan McGuire

This is the only book series that technically isn’t finished. However, I am as up to date with this series that I can be! For ages, I felt like I would never catch up with this series because there are so many books. But this year I managed to catch up, which is really exciting! I had a hard time enjoying this series at the beginning, but I think the later books are so much better. I cannot wait for the new book next month.

And that is it! Did you have more luck than me in 2021 at finishing book series?

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10 thoughts on “Book Series I Finished in 2021

  1. I’m hoping to pick up the entire Brown Sisters Trilogy in 2022 because I’ve heard such great things! The first book has been patiently sitting on my shelves for a couple of months now so it makes me happy to hear how much you like them! Great post! 😊

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    1. Thank-you! It is so good! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the series. Have you read any of Talia Hibbert’s work before? I adore her writing style


  2. Series I finished (btw, some were rereads and some weren’t); well, some were started, but not started (partly due to when I started or because the entire series isn’t out yet)

    1. Narnia- reread
    2. Howl’s trilogy
    3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians- reread
    4. Heroes of Olympus (reread Percy Jackson to prepare me for this one)

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