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My Favourite Blog Posts of 2021

Hello! I have been feeling a bit down on myself recently. As the end of the year draws closer and closer, I seem to be getting harder on myself. There are some things that I wanted to achieve this year, but didn’t. I achieved some great things this year, however the things I didn’t achieve seem to be overshadowing this. And so, I wanted to revisit some of the blog posts this year that I am really proud of!

Sometimes, with older posts they get lost in the masses. The more I upload, the lower down they shift and as new people join and follow this little blog of mine, I feel like the posts I am most proud of get swept under the rug and no longer get attention.

For me, 2021 has been one of the most definitive when it comes to blogging. I feel like I finally found my feet in the blogging community. It warms my heart to see familiar names interacting with my posts, whether that be leaving a like or a comment or sharing it on a different social media platform. I see it all and I so grateful for it. This little blog started in 2019. I blogged for like a month, and then pushed it aside. I then started it up again in 2020 and in 2020 I definitely posted more, but sometimes it was just for the sake of it.

In 2021, however, I really found joy for blogging. I refused to put out a post that I didn’t enjoy doing or I didn’t like. I only blogged when I felt like it, and allowed myself guilt-free time away when I needed. I found a more balanced schedule, and pure and utter delight in sharing my reading updates and writing updates with you all this year. I want this post to be a reminder and a sort of navigation page for me to visit my favourites from 2021. I will now stop rambling, and start actually talking about the posts I love.

Review: Hunted – First up, I want to talk about my first review (and post) of 2021! I can’t really pinpoint why, but for some reason this review is my favourite. I loved the book so much and I think I articulated this well in my review. I always think my reviews suck, but this one I am proud of so I want to share that!

Discussion: Throne of Glass – I have always wanted to talk about books by my favourite authors but without writing a review. For me reviews should be unbiased and talking about all aspects. However, I struggle to do this with books by my favourite authors and I wanted a space that I could just discuss these books but without a structure. I wanted a place to ramble and gush for a while, because sometimes wrap ups and in tags, there isn’t enough time or space for me to fully get this off my chest. My Discussion posts have dropped off a little bit but I hope to bring them back for 2022!

Writing Update #1: Writer’s Block – I started giving you guys writing updates! My writing updates are probably my worst performing posts on my blog, but they are some of my favourite. I feel accomplished when I write them. I love sharing the good and the bad. Writing a novel can feel like such a lonely thing, so I like to think of this as me reaching out into the community and sharing some of my struggles when it comes to writing. This post was the first in this mini series on my blog, so I think it will always be one of my favourites, but I am also so incredibly proud of Writing Update #2: Unexpected Progress where I announced that I had finished the first draft of my first novel!

2021 Goal Check In – Another new thing I started this year was checking in on older posts. One of my favourites being looking back at the goals I set earlier on in the year and seeing how I was getting on with them. It was a fun thing that I started that I really hope to continue in 2022.

Mid-Year Reading Stats – I have always loved looking a my reading stats, and I kind of took things one step further earlier on in this year and started comparing to the previous year. I also collected stats for all different things. This is actually something that developed later on too and last month my dad and I created a spreadsheet so I could keep track properly. I have been working on going back through older years and collecting data from them too I can’t wait to share all of the stats I have collected and do a comparison for 2021-2014. I think that post will go up in January 2022 though so that I can get a full years worth!

Checking in on Books That Have Been on my TBR for Too Long – So whilst my first check in post was about the goals I set, I feel like this is where I started to get confident with going back through my own previous content and checking in on older posts. It was really fun to dive back into older posts on my blog and first of all see how much my blogging style had changed and secondly to see how many books still remained on my TBR…

Review: The Meeting Point – After being a blogger for two and a half years, I finally took part in my first blog tour! This was such a great feeling and it sounds very silly, but it finally made me feel like I could qualify as a proper book blogger!

24 Books I Love – As part of my birthday this year, I decided to share 24 of my favourite books. It was so nice to just discuss books that I love. Some of these I never talk about and some I talk about all of the time, but all of them have a special place in my heart.

How to Combat a Reading Slump – This post was a little bit out of my comfort zone if I am being honest. And I was super nervous to share it. I don’t usually offer advise or tips on my blog. I am more of a book blogger who sticks to tags and weekly posts that discuss books, or talk about my own personal experience. But this post really pushed me out of my corner in the book blogger community. It was just a way for me to remind myself how to get out of a reading slump in a time where I felt so overwhelmed and unaccomplished for not reading. I almost deleted the post because I felt like people would think it was silly which was just silly of me because it has become one of my more popular posts!

The Reread Diaries: Vampire Academy – I reread a lot and I have been wanting to incorporate more of this into my blog and I was struggling to find a way how. I didn’t want to have reviews of the books I reread, something about that doesn’t feel right to me. Especially when I am reading books that I know I already love. Instead, I decided to come up with this series on my blog which I refer to as my Reread Diary. So far there is only one entry, however there are some exciting things coming to that series in the new year!

They are all of the posts that I am going to talk about today. 2021 was such an amazing year for my blog and I cannot wait to see what 2022 brings!

Leave the links to your favourite blog post from 2021, I can’t wait to check them all out and read them!

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