Blogmas 2021

Blogmas Day 1: An Update on Everything and How Did NaNo Go?

Hello! Welcome to Blogmas Day 1!

Last year I took part in Blogmas and really, really enjoyed it. This year, I am no where near as prepared, but I still want to take part. Blogmas is where bloggers post in the lead up to Christmas. I know some bloggers like to post every day for twelve days leading up to Christmas or some do twenty four leading up to Christmas. Last year, I took it one step further and posted for everyday in December and I want to do the same this year.

I am no where near as prepared as I was last year. In fact, I am no where close. By this time last year, I had half of my posts scheduled and ready to go. However, this year I have only managed one. That is mainly down to work and just having very little spare time. But I love blogging and I love Christmas, so I definitely will try my best to keep on track with this. It is partly why I allowed myself to take some time off during November.

My blogging schedule dropped off a little bit in November, but that is okay. I haven’t been very well in November and my mental health also dipped for a while. So it is okay that I allowed myself some time away to refresh and relax and just take care of myself. I love blogging and never want it to feel like a chore or for it to become a stressful thing. So I won’t let myself feel bad for falling off my schedule for a little bit though.

My blogging schedule wasn’t the only thing that dropped off. NaNoWirMo did not go as planned. In fact, after my last update (NaNoWriMo2021 Week One Update), I didn’t write anything else. I had a really strong week where I wrote 11k, and then I just did not write anymore. I am disappointed, however, I need to remind myself that my health comes first. I do adore everything that I wrote, and likely will be continuing with my NaNo project well into the new year.

I may not have had a good NaNoWriMo, however, I did start writing a lot more poetry than normal. I think I wrote somewhere between 25-30 poems in November which is very exciting. I feel like I don’t always get the time to write poetry anymore, but when I do, I can’t stop for a long time. Poetry is so therapeutic for me and I feel like I haven’t really documented my life until I have written a poem about it.

And lastly… I’ve done it. I have finally gotten out of my reading slump!! I think I have said this previously a bit prematurely. I said this in my October Wrap Up, to only go straight back into a reading slump, until about a week ago, when I finally cracked it and binned it for good. I am back on it and reading so many great books. Currently, I sit at 64 books out of 75. If you don’t know already, I will change my Goodreads goals constantly until December where that goal has to stick and I either reach it or I don’t. So, today is my last chance to change it…and I think I am keeping it at 75.

So THIS MEANS to catch up with all of the reading slumps that I have been in this year, I need to read ELEVEN books in December to reach my reading goal for the year. I think I can do it. I am confident. Maybe a little too confident. We will see.

How are your reading goals going – are you going to reach your goal?

And please let me know how your NaNoWriMo went. I shall see you tomorrow for Blogmas day 2! Let me know if there are any posts that you want to see in December!

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16 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 1: An Update on Everything and How Did NaNo Go?

  1. Sorry NaNo didn’t go as well for you as you’d hoped–but you’re right, your health, mental and otherwise, has to come first! Congratulations on the poetry, and good luck with your 11 December reads!

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  2. My Nano didn’t go well either. After I broke my two week streak I didn’t work on it anymore. However, I don’t know if I’ll continue working on it. I’ve sort of lost my passion for this project 😕 Merry Blogmas!

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    1. That sucks! Maybe some time away will make you regain your passion or you might find a passion else where! Last November I worked on a contemporary project and by December I had lost my passion for it, but in January I realised that I was working on the wrong genre and found my passion in fantasy!

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  3. Glad you got out of your reading slump. My Nanowrimo went okay. I was 5000 words behind on my manuscript at one point but, somehow, I managed to get on top of it and I finished the novel on the last day.

    Good on you for putting your health before writing targets and hope you reach your reading goal!


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