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How to Combat a Reading Slump

Hello! Today I wanted to talk about reading slumps. I am in another dreaded reading slump. Which is why some of my blogging content has slowed (well one of the reasons), because I always feel like a bit of a fraud posting when I’m not reading. Of course this isn’t true, but sometimes I feel it. I thought that if I shared some of the things I have done in the past, then maybe it will give me the push to finally finish a book.

It is currently the 22nd October when I am drafting this post and the last time I finished a book was Legendborn by Tracy Deonn which I finished reading on 14th September. So it has now been over a month since I have finished a book. That is far too much time since I have finished a book for my personal liking. The annoying thing is, since finishing Legendborn, I have probably started five or six new books, but I just have not been able to stick through it enough to finish any of them.

I am a little disappointed. I had plans to publish more reviews this month and post one day more a week than I usually do. I was going to focus on some ‘spooky season’ books and post my reviews of them, however that hasn’t worked out. And not only that, I didn’t even hit my three posts a week for a couple of weeks during the month, so I definitely did not get an additional post up. It is not giving me the greatest sense of hope for November where my plan is to have a post go up every Sunday with my NaNoWriMo updates; and then for December where I am planning on doing Blogmas again which is posting everyday in December. I know I have a little while to prep for Blogmas, but it is something that is weighing on my mind. Blogging is fun for me, and I enjoy it so I do not want to take that enjoyment away by stressing over a posting schedule. However, the guilt is there a little…

Hopefully, I will be able to get back on track with my blogging once I get out of my reading slump and I have some more books to talk to you guys about. So… how can I get out of my reading slump? Well here is what has worked for me before:

Change up the Genre

This is a huge help for me. I was in a reading slump earlier on this year and to get out of this reading slump I read Love and War by Melissa de la Cruz which is an historical fiction novel. It is also one that is about Alexander and Eliza Hamilton, which is a story I am familiar with so that also helped with quickly reading this novel. And then once I read that, I threw myself into romance books which were quick and fun reads. Before this, I was reading lots of fantasy. I don’t know if anyone else gets this way, but if I am reading lots and lots of the same genre, especially fantasy, I get overwhelmed and a bit stuck in the genre. Changing it up helps me a lot.

And on a similar vein…

Change up the Format

If I am reading too many physical books, I will try an ebook. Or if I am listening to too many audiobooks, I will try the physical book. Lately, audiobook is the one that helps me the most. I find that I am better when I am doing multiple things at once. So quite often I will put my earphones in and listen to the audiobook whilst cleaning or cooking or walking the dog or colouring or building in the Sims 4… the opportunities are endless. I find that it helps me with my guilt of not getting mundane tasks done like cooking and cleaning, but I am also doing something I love which is reading. If you’re currently struggling with physical books, I cannot recommend audiobooks enough.

Read What You Want

Nothing keeps me more in a reading slump than forcing myself to read a book that I don’t want to read. This was a big one for me whilst I was at university. I would have to read books that I wasn’t interested in and then it became a chore to read the books that I did want to read. Similarly, now, if I have to read a book for a review that I don’t want to read at the moment – I won’t read it. I trust that I will get to it when I am ready and then I will read what I am gravitating towards. I am a mood reader, so I tend to flipflop on what I am feeling from day to day.

This method always ends up being better for me, however I did want to add that this obviously does not apply when I have a deadline to hit for reviews. Then, I will force myself to read the story. I don’t set many deadlines for reviews, and usually my review turns out better when I am wanting to read the story. Even if I don’t particularly enjoy the book once I get to it, because I wanted to read it, my review becomes the best that it could be. If I feel forced or if I feel like I am dragging myself through the pages for the sake of the review – you can always tell in the review. I feel like that was a little bit of a tangent, but regardless read what you want, because it does benefit!

Return to an Old Favourite

This is my personal favourite. I have multiple posts talking about my love for rereading books, most recently I have The Reread Book Tag, I also did a post at the end of last year talking about all of the books I reread in 2020. It is my number one, despite being at the bottom of this list, go to when getting out of a reading slump. It is one that I am currently attempting with all of my fingers crossed. I find that because I have already read the story, I am able to find more comfort in the pages and there is less pressure for me to absorb all of the information, because I already remember the basics. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do forget a lot, but I remember enough that the information provided doesn’t overwhelm me a lot. Plus, I find great comfort in the characters and a familiar writing style, and the plot. And then, once I have revisited an old story, I find that I am craving a new one and I am able to move onto a new book. I am constantly bouncing between the new and the old and I love it that way.

Are any of these tips ones that you will take on board if you are in or the next time you are in a reading slump? Please let me know if you have any more tips to offer! I am very open to ideas right now. I am conscious about not being able to provide you guys with an October Wrap Up…😅

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34 thoughts on “How to Combat a Reading Slump

  1. Wise words. I’ve found re-reading a big cure for a slump, and had less slumps since holding myself to less books I don’t like.

    I don’t know if this would work for you, but I’ve found going to kids fiction or comics, something that’s easier to digest and shorter to read, works wonders. Although sometimes I just need a while off reading – we cram a lot into our brains, sometimes you need to let the poor thing relax.

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  2. Excellent advice! I’ve been looking into trying audiobooks for the same reasons. Sometimes switching it up is necessary lol.
    (Also, I’ll be doing Nanowrimo too! Best of luck to you! And omg you’re going Blogmas right after?! Amazing 👍)

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    1. It is definitely necessary! Good luck with your NaNo project, hope you get lots of words written! Yes, Blogmas was so fun last year, so I have to do it again. Will you be doing Blogmas?


  3. Great advice, totally agree with everything you had to say in this post. A few years back I was in a huge reading slump. I was a reviewer for publishing companies and I had to read what they wanted when they wanted pretty much. I ended up totally burnt out and the way I combated that was to take a full year and only read what I wanted when I wanted. No real set goal other than to read 50 books at least. It worked and now anytime I feel like it’s going to happen again I do the same thing.

    Switching up format always helps too! Again great advice 🙂

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  4. Nice list! I’ll add “take a break” to it … Giving yourself permission to not read for a day, week, or however long you need. Because it’s not a race … and, you can’t always force things!

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  5. Great post Kira!! I cannot agree enough with the point about ‘Read What You Want’ – given that I’m quite behind anyway on my NetGalley ARCs so the publishing dates don’t really apply anymore, I’ve just been reading which ones I want to first and it’s helped so much. I also find buddy reading really helpful! It keeps me reading consistently every day if I’m keeping up with my friend and we can chat/rant/gush about it regularly. I’m currently doing an Asian-author themed one with my friend and it covers different genres (so yes that other tip of yours really works too!) and it’s been really fun so far. Hopefully you can get out of your slump soon!

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    1. Thank-you! I’m so happy that choosing to read what you want is being really helpful! I have never actually done a buddy read, but that is something that I can see helping and do want to try in the future!


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