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Writing Update #2: Unexpected Progress

Happy Easter!

I am back today with another writing update! Remember last week’s writing update when I rambled on for far too long about being in a bit of static place with my Rapunzel retelling and how I wasn’t sure I would be able to meet my deadline of 12th April… Well, I finished the first draft of the Rapunzel retelling on the 31st March! I wrote a book!

This is the first book I have ever drafted in its entirety and I am so proud of myself. Previously I have tried drafting over long periods of time or have been relaxed about finishing it and thus never finishing it entirely. With this one though, I knew I wanted to fast draft it and I knew I wanted to complete it by a certain date.

I thought as it is the first weekend of the month, I would do a little monthly wrap up too. So, in March I wrote 43,015 words towards the Rapunzel retelling and 305 words towards the preparation for my Camp NaNo project. As you can see, I was clearly focusing on the Rapunzel retelling and just trying to get as far into that book as I possibly could. I think it also shows that I am not a planner though sometimes I wish I were! I think it is also interesting to note that the majority of my writing was done at the beginning of March. I always think it is interesting to see people’s weekly word counts, so:

  • 1st – 6th March: 17,256
  • 7th – 13th March: 15,016
  • 14th – 20th March: 3,991
  • 21st – 27th March: 215
  • 28th – 31st: March: 6,537

As you can see, I am not a consistent writer! I definitely had a bit of a burn out in the middle of the month, which just makes me happier that I did manage to finish my draft by the end of the month! I am so happy I got it done before my deadline because it means that I can take a full month away from the project before diving back into it in May.

Now onto the first few days in April, I took the 1st April off writing because I needed a little break after finishing the Rapunzel retelling, but on the 2nd April, I dived fresh into the new project and got 1,122 words which is just a satisfying number for me. On the 3rd April I got 711 words and I am actually writing this up on the 4th April before I have started my writing for the day.

One thing I didn’t think I was going to struggle with was the transition between projects. I discuss more about my Camp NaNo April project: here, but if you’re not caught up my NaNo project is a young adult contemporary. So, it is completely different to my fantasy, Rapunzel retelling. I thought because they are so different, I wouldn’t feel too bothered about switching between the two; I’ve always written in both genres and love them both.

However, starting this project has been much slower than I anticipated. I’m sure I will speed up once I get into the plot more and get to know the characters better the further I get into the novel. It was just an interesting point that I didn’t consider. Has anyone else experienced this before?

So that was my week! Quite an exciting, milestone week for me personally. Now I need to crack on with Camp NaNo and hopefully get some words in today!

And again, Happy Easter everybody!

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16 thoughts on “Writing Update #2: Unexpected Progress

  1. Congrats on finishing the retelling, and much earlier than planned too! That’s so exciting!! Also, I’m curious; have you ever given any details about your Rapunzel retelling? I love retellings and would love to hear about your approach for the retelling!

    I feel like it’s normal to be in a weird place once you switch WIPs. I have that a lot, especially if I don’t fully plan something out (as tends to go because I’m horrible at planning, haha). And for me, it even happens when I’m sticking within the same genre. You have to get used to an entire new idea and character cast, and as you said, it can take a bit of time to get into it or used to it. Also fantasy tends to be more fast-paced, imaginative, and/or action packed than contemporary, so it’s very possible the change in pace could be a reason why it’s hard to switch.

    I hope you had a lovely Easter and was able to get some writing in during the day!

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    1. I haven’t! The only details I have given is that it is a Rapunzel retelling lol! I will add that it is definitely a twist and a very expansive plot and world that I am really proud of so far! I also love retellings – I think they get a bit of hate sometimes, but I love them so much.

      I think the change of pace is definitely a factor of it! I also am struggling to put my fantasy project from my mind at all – I keep thinking of all the things I could add when I return to it. I am thinking of maybe trying to work on a new fantasy, because I do have a few more ideas, but I think I would end getting a bit confused between the two. At least with a contemporary, it is so different that I am not going to get them muddled up any time soon.

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