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2021 Reading Resolutions & TBR

I can’t quite believe that today is the last day of blogmas (and 2020)! I am so excited for the upcoming year - reading wise that is. It looks like my town will be entering 2021 in lockdown, but that’s fine: they’ll be just more time for reading. I love setting reading goals. I know… Continue reading 2021 Reading Resolutions & TBR

Blogmas 2020 · wrap up

2020 Wrap Up

Apart of me can't believe that 2020 is coming to an end. This year has been... an experience. I am really trying not to kick myself about how many books I read this year. I read 101 books in 2019 and I read 60 books in 2020. That is still a really good number, but… Continue reading 2020 Wrap Up