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NaNoWriMo Week Three Update

In all honesty, I had decided earlier on in the week to not give an update this week because I had a rough week regarding NaNoWriMo; but I figured that it was not authentic to just post the good things. So I am here today to share my failures of the week.

If you saw last weeks update then you will already know that towards the end of the week, I was already struggling. I seemed too have lost all inspiration. Then as I got into week three, I not only had lost inspiration, I got to a point where I was stuck. I noticed this happening and decided to go through my previous ‘draft’ (if you want to know more about the project then check out the update for week one). I took a scene from it and manipulated it into a scene that was completely different to the original but somehting that worked with the new piece. That was Monday though, and even with the added help, I still couldn’t manage to hit the word count for the day. And after that, despite showing up to write every day with the intention of getting back on track, I just couldn’t get the words out. I had reached a point in the story where I couldn’t get past it.

I have been beating myself up about this all week and it definitely sucks. At one point I was 10k behind. It’s hard to realise you are so far behind and you’re not doing anything about it, because everytime you plan to write something, it either won’t manifest or it simply wasn’t worth writing.

I had relationships in the story that I wanted to change, but I had already written some scenes that would become obselete if I were to go forward with this change. I was struggling to realise that the first 20,000 words were essentially wrong and it was making me not want to write the corrections. I also didn’t want to go ahead and edit the first batch of words, because I needed to get more words down before I could start editing.

Sunday: 723

Monday: 1,280

Tuesday: 558

Wednesday: 230

Thursday: 740

Friday: 0

Saturday: 3,551

Saturdays word count ended up being my biggest writing day of the month so far. Maybe I needed the little break; maybe I needed to skip ahead a little to carry the story on; maybe I needed to accept that the first 20,000 words will have some plot holes when put next to this next part I’m writing. I am still trying to overcome my perfectionist trait and think of this as a draft zero. I can edit later, I can progress it later.

My NaNoWriMo graphs are definitely not a straight line or a consistent graph, but it is definitely a representation of how up and down this process really has been for me. I currently have 28,632 when I should have 35,007. I’m definitely still behind, but when I started on Saturday I was behind by 10k and now only about 6k down. My daily word count is going to have to be upped by quite a bit if I am going to meet the 50k goal at the end. We’ll see how it goes.

I won’t be updating you next week; I will instead next update you in December, so look out then to find out if I manage to complete NaNoWriMo.

How are your projects going? Are you on track or falling behind?


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15 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Week Three Update

  1. Well, still on writing hiatus for my 1st book- really want that book to back

    Lizzy the Lizard has been worked on, but went to a standstill because I didn’t know how to continue

    As far as Greatest Discovery goes- that is actually the hardest on to develop

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    1. Hopefully after the hiatus you’ll be able to go back to it with even more inspiration that when you gave it to your dad for him to read!

      What’s the Greatest Discovery? Is that another novel idea?


      1. Yes, the Greatest Discovery is another book. It is a middle grade book. It is really hard to develop the characters and still stuck on that stage.

        The story centers around six orphans, and it takes place in NYC. They are eventually put on a scavenger hunt t.v. show. Of all the six orphans, it is primarily centered around Jasmine and Aurora.

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      2. Greatest Discovery almost sounds like a book that could be doing this challenge.

        For starters, not a very easy story to develop. Of all the books I am working on, GB is the hardest one to figure out. I only know the middle and the end, not the beginning.

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      3. There are many people out there who write the beginning at the end – are you the type of writer who writes out of order or not?😌


  2. Please don’t stress yourself or beat yourself up over this — NaNo is just meant as a fun challenge and just that. I understand if you’re disappointed, but hey, it’s better that you’ve written something than nothing at all! Progress is still progress. (Plus, you’re definitely not the only one. Because of studying, I’m 16.8k words behind! I’m fine with that, though.)

    I’ve also had times where I realised I wrote an entire scene or character wrong, or where I just tweaked a character’s base personality midway. What’s got be through so far is that I honestly just keep writing with that newly established stuff in mind and keep a physical note to go back and work on the older stuff. Once I finish my draft, I’m also going to spit out a long list of things I need to change. Maybe you can try that?

    Good luck with the final week! Like you’ve said to me previously, we both got this.

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    1. Yes, that is the method that I am currently using and hoping that it will work for me! We do still have one more week to get more writing, and you’re right! We’ve both got this.


  3. No stress. Every step no matter how big or how small is still a step. If you don’t reach 50,000 words, honestly no worries!! This is my fourth year doing NaNo and I have yet to win. Every year though I get a little closer and the point is to build a habit 😀 It sounds like you are building a habit and that, my friend, is progress. Everything will come in its time. Inspiration will strike when you least expect it. In the meantime, don’t forget to take care of yourself too!! Self care is very important ❤ Sending all the love and good writing vibes your way Kira!!! ❤

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    1. Thank-you! I know I need to keep reminding myself this and I went into this with the goal of just creating a habit, but I think after having such a good two weeks at the start, I came down on myself a lot harder when that didn’t continue. Sending love and good writing vibes right back to you!

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