Review: A Strangely Wrapped Gift

I was kindly provided with an e-arc of this book via NetGalley.

A Strangely Wrapped Gift


In A Strangely Wrapped Gift, Juniper takes heavy, emotional raw material and weaves it into stunning, relatable poetry you’ll long to share with friends and loved ones. This collection is a reminder that broken pieces make the most beautiful mosaics, and that all of us possess the power to bloom even after a harsh winter.

This is a stunning poetry collection by Emily Juniper. Her poems are face paced, quickly moving from metaphor to hard truths to challenging stigmas about mental health. For me, the fast paced style really added to the poetry. It made reading it more of an experience, as personally, it represented the fast paced thoughts that comes from having mental health. Going from thinking of absolutely nothing, to recalling multiple things from childhood all at once.


‘you’re so unorganised, they said, you can’t have OCD’


Throughout the collection, Juniper challenges stigmas around OCD. For example, having to be really organised or very clean. Which is not always the case. OCD comes in various forms and affects people in all different ways. I really enjoyed this aspect of the collection as it was a refreshing read. I have read collections about mental health issues such as PTSD, anxiety and depression, but not one which the main focus is on OCD and I think Juniper did this well.


This collection is being published on the 10th March 2020, and I reccomend picking it up if you’re looking for a collection that discusses what having OCD in everyday life and relationships is like. 

5 star


I give this collection 4/5 stars.



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