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Where in the World Book Tag

Jasmine from Life of a Simple Reader and Daria from Bookaholic’s Therapy tagged me in this back in February while I was on my break and now that I’m back I want to give it a go!


  1. Name three books that you loved that are set in another city (or strongly inspired by it if fantasy).
  2. Share three places in the world that you think would make an awesome setting for a book.
  3. Tag as many people as you want!

Three Books I Loved

First of all I’m going to choose The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare (will I ever stop using this as an option, I don’t know). It’s set in New York and its one of my dreams to visit the city.

2019-02-08 15.52.58

Where the Rainbows End (Or Love, Rosie) by Cecelia Ahern is set in Dublin and it is one of those places that I would love to travel to in the future! I also hadn’t read a book set in Dublin before so it was really nice.

whwew the rainbows end

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is set in a fictional town but in the very real country of Germany. I loved this book and loved reading about the experiences of living in Nazi Germany.

2019-02-07 16.02.36

Places I Want to Read About

Japan – I’ve never read a book set in this setting and I think it’s such an interesting place and it would be nice to experience it.

France – I have one book that I know of that is set in Paris but I only read a couple of chapters before giving up, so I am still looking for a good book to help me explore France.

Italy – Italy is one of those countries that if I could go tomorrow, I would. I think it’s such a beautiful place and has many stories to be told.

I tag…

Shanah from Bionic Book Worm

Jill from Jill’s Book Blog

Ellyn from allonsythornraxx

Sofia from The Reading Fangirl


Good luck!


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